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All Current Hikes will be found HERE from now on

Hangover-The Super Moon

67 Miles, AT Style

Coon Butt

Good thing I stayed home

Cataloochee Goodness

Cabin Flats

20 Mile weekend

for example: Camel Gap

Noland and Forney

Cash's Camper Caliphate 7/12


Oppose Frontcountry Camping Fee Increase


La Pura Vida, Costa Rica

Slickrock Surprise

Leconte via Trillium

Stateside 6/04/16

Several Cho Oyu Videos Here

Lynn Camp Prong 16

The last day of Winter

Woodford Hayes Bushwhack

Snow and Snakes = Pecks Epic


Coming Soon

Rich Mountain

Little Bottoms

The Turquoise Goddess

Scandanavian Christmas

The West Prong

Eagle Creek 2015

The Obed, Again Ok.

the Obed

Halloween Rabbit Creek

Hangover 2015

Noland and Hazel Trip

Hell Guys and Highlanders on Hazel

Muir Redux

Porter's Creek

Hump Hike 2015

Highlander Navy sets sail

Mt. Sterling 2015

Muir Valley, Red River Gorge

Craggin 8/6/15

Spence Field with Frank and Amber

Pisgah 2015

The Dirty South

Kahiltna Dome Recap

Ruth Glacier, Denali NP   Climb Updates

Campsite 17 etc.

SFW files appeal to Fee decision

Slickrock Wildflower Weekend

The Everest Avalanche

North to Alaska

Campsite 24

Judge rules in favor of NPS regarding Backcountry Tax

European Trip Summary

Tyrolean Holidays

March 10

Grandstanders of the Smokies

Ledbetter Ridge cs 10

Lincoln Falls, Colorado

Festival du Greene

Derrick Nob

European Christmas

Gabes Mtn 14

The Last Shuttle to Eagle Creek

Lower Mt. Cammerer

Porter's Creek and Manway Epic 2014

Rabbit Creek in Snowpocalyspe

Beard Cane 2014

The Mexican Volcanoes

Hangover 2014:  Above the Weather

Gregory Ridge and Bald

Looping Abrams  1

Jerky Mike Finishes!

Kephart Shelter and Stuff

Hump Hike 2014

Cane Creek 2014

Malibu Cyn/Rabbit Creek

Backcountry Bears

Little Bottoms 7/2014

Maroon Bells

Forest Creatures

Flatiron Climb

Hyatt Ridge/Enloe Creek

Naked Ground

Baskins Creek 5/27

Leconte Loop 5/18

Listening to the Mountains

Deep Creek

Everest and Easter

April Happenings

Rough Fork Citico

Rikki Hall

Jeffrey's Hell

Unicoi Mountains


Otters of Abrams

Spence Field 2/22/14

Little Bottoms 2/8/14

Ice Climbing Colorado Style

PRINT VERSION OF Tempting the Throne Room now available here

Lower Jakes Creek 1/19/14

Cumberland Gap 2014

Caldwell Fork

Legal Motions filed by SFW 12/20/13

Kephart Shelter 12/14

Loveday Birthday Hike

Eagle Creek 2013

Otter Creek


SFW Deep Creek Gathering

Hangover Again?  Seriously!

Hangover 2013

Govt Response to SFW Lawsuit

Webb School Cross Country Backpack

Campsite 30 Up Little River

Slapnuts Finishes the Park Miles

Book Teaser 8/22

Sugarland Mountain to Husky Gap 8/118

What the climbing was really like: 

   Broad Peak Update Ongoing Rescue Effort for fellow climbers

Mt. Rogers with the Muir Faction  6/2/13

Updates and SFW Party!

Crowder Redux and SFW Shindig!

Petition Link

Citico 2013

Crowder Branch CNF

Good Friday in the Smokies


Big Fodderstack and Mill Branch

Your government at work.  Blount County Mayor pitches a fit.

Red leads them into the snow

The Lawsuit is Filed!

A busy week

The Fee and SFW board mtg

Fee Free Outlawry

Colorado Snow and Ice Fun

Cold Settlers and Scooter's return

Cumberland Gap 13

Undisclosed Location Trip

Red guides Hell Guy

Bear Creek

Muir Faction Christmas Action

Cove Mountain Loop

Nuts and Bolts on the Crooked Arm

Rough Fork to Luke Birthday

Groundhog Ridge Manway via 35

Thanksgiving 2012

Cane Creek 12

Gunter Fork 2012

Gabes Mtn 2012

Chasteen and Bradley Fork

Hangover 2012

4 Days of Heaven

Newton Bald

Autumn Arrives

Scene of the Crime, cs 39

Bullhead to Leconte

SFW Drops Big Bomb on NPS

Flat Creek/Falls

Max Patch and the Perseids

Jakes Again

Deep Creek

Vote NEA on this Poll

Brushy Mtn Blues

Cane Creek, again

Chiricahua, Larry Style

Gizzard, Goshen and Storms Galore

Azaleas with Ab and crew

Highlanders are Sexy

Back to 17

Damascus Road


Cane Creek

Super Moon

Hell Guys Trip

Protest Weekend and backpack

Hannah Mountain

Dripping Springs

March Events

Three Forks cs 30

Flint Gap

Noland Creek 2012

Rabbit Creek cs15

Muir Faction winter action

Lower Mt. Cammerer

Public Comments on Backcountry Proposal Tally

Nice Ice Baby

Lower Forney

West Prong dec 2011

Feeasco Update

Martin's Fork Cabin

Crooked Arm  2011

Ekaneetlee Trace

Updates etc.

Eagle Creek 11

Little Bottoms 2011

Bear Creek

Jakes Creek/Big Ridge

West Prong 2011

Porter's Creek Manway

Hangover 2011

The Forneys

Raven Fork

Leconte Dayhike

Spence to Mollies

Mustagata Video Trailer   (let it load before playing)


Deeplow and Indian Creek

jerky mike birthday hike

Mustagata Story


Mustagata Video Clip

Firefly Redux

Firefly Backpack

Memorial Day

Baxter Creek

Leconte on Monday

Pisgah 2011

Faction Action and Lower Ekaneetlee Manway

S.Knox Storm

Gabes Mtn 2011

Citico 2011

McGee Springs 2011

Kephart Shelter

Injun Creek

March 6, 2011

Little Bottoms 2011

Crooked Arm

Walnut Bottoms 2011

Muir Faction Events

SouthWest Colorado

Highlander Holler

Savage Gulf 2011

Cold Settlers

Leconte 1975

Injun Snow Camp

Cumberland Gap 10

December 12, 2010

Lower Gregorys

Eagle Creek and Ekaneetlee Manway

Big South Fork 10

Goshen Prong 10

Little Bottoms

Dave Does IT.  DumplinPalooza

Campsite Data

Bill Alexander's version of events

Goldmine/Beard Cane

Hangover 2010

West Coasters

Elkmont Etc.

BikePacking Again



Hump Hike 2010

Leconte Again?

Max Patch and rafting 2010

Leconte 2010

Upcoming Events

Livvid Privvies show

Middle Prong Walk

Elbrus Climb Movie

Mount Elbrus Climb

Spivey Gap to Carvers Gap

Deep Creek w Muir Faction

Meigs 20

Send them North

Rabbit 2010

Mt. Sterling 2010

Little River

House Mtn Walk 2010

Wanee Music Festival

Citico 2010

The Meigs Line Story

Russell Field, camp 10

Juney Whanker

March Events

Gabes Mtn 10

Crooked Arm 10

Miry Ridgers

West Prong 18

Chimneys Redo

Park roads closure=Highlander skunking (no hike 1/31/10)

Chimneys manway to #24


Spruce Flats Falls Manway

Lil Brier

Spence/Anthony Creek

Smokemont Huddle

December 12 (No hike, can you believe it)

Martin's Fork, CGap 09

Eagle Creek 09

Dry Sluice Manway  Manway video live now.

The Abrams Experience

Walnut Bottoms Muir  Gathering

Big South Fork 09

Old Sugarlands

Hangover 2009

Noland Creek


Riddler's Panther

Silers Bald

Goshen Prong 09

Wolf Ridge

Hump 09

Leconte Sept 09

Deep Creek/Fork Ridge

Max Patch 09

Anthony Creek/Spence Field

Laurel Falls to Wear Cove

Brian's Peru Photos (stunning)

Huascaran Final    (final installment)

Huascaran Part 3              (part 3)

Huascaran Narrarative (part 2)

Pisco Climb Narrarative (part 1)

Crooked Arm June

A.T. Hike to Erwin         

Hangover May 09

Sterling w General Mike

Muir Meetup @ Pisgah

Campsite #3o

Citico 09

Leconte for Larry

Injun Creek 09

House Mtn March

Colorado Skiing

Little River #24

Meigs Creek

Crooked Arm 09

Pancake Greene

House Mtn

Big Fodderstack

Little Bottoms 09

Maddron Bald 09

Groundhog Ridge 09

Lynn Camp to Derrick Nob

Hannah Loop 08

Newton Bald

Eagle Creek 08

Campsite #2

Spence Field 08

Big South Fork 08

Big Ridge 08

Hangover 2008

Crooked Arm

5 Days in Autumn

West Prong 08

Mt. Sterling 08

Cosby Nob

Hump Hike

Chasteen Creek

Rainier via Kautz                 


Leconte June 28

Firefly Extravaganza

Hangover Magazine Scan  


Hangover Recon

Highlander Magazine Story

Polls Gap

Gabes Mountain

Roundtop Roundup

Lynn Camp Prong

(april 25 dayhike, no pics, sorry)

Citico 08

Derrick Knob   Wild Boar Pics Here

Springtime in the Smokies


Little Bottoms

Hannah Mountain


The Bent Arm


GroundHog 08

Savage Gulf 08

Hot Springs North on A.T.

Meigs Mountain Experience

White Oak Sinks to Crooked Arm

Gregory's Bald 08

Big and Little Bald                                                   

Land O Goshen

Russell Field

Cumberland Gap 07

House Mtn

Eagle Creek 07                  

Cumberland Gap Flashback

Rabbit Loop

Deep Creek

Big South Fork

The Old Settler

Big Ridge 2

Hangover 07

Cabin Flats

Gunter Fork


Campsite 30CClick the Links below for trips through the past few years 

Jakes Redux                  

Tricorner AT Hike

Huckleberry Knob

LeConte August 07

Hazel Creek Loop Freeze

Mt. Whitney

Mt. Wolverine

Chimneys Hike

up Eagle Creek down Jenkins Ridge

Mount Leconte May 07

Our Denali Climb Slideshow

Cumberland Gap


Lakeshore Trail 04 

Mt. Rainier Climb 


Longs Peak 

Walnut Bottoms   

Porter's Creek  

Max Patch

Forney Creek/Ridge 

TriCorner Traverse 

Hangover 06

Hangover 05 

Hangover 03 

Shining Rock


McGee Springs 


Mt. Cammerer 

Winter Warriors 

Big Ridge 

Maddron Bald

Savage Gulf 

Gregory's Bald 

Fontana Video

Eagle Creek 

Jake's Creek  

Abrams Creek 


Mt. Collins Manway  

Rabbit Creek

Porter's Creek 06

Jakes Creek 06

Long's Peak Climb

Groundhog Ridge Manway


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