7/06/16   Frontcountry camping fee hike proposal initiated.

photo courtesy Western Slope No Fee Coalition


As we predicted, once the backcountry tax was settled in favor of the NPS, they are moving forward with the next round of frontcountry fee increases.  And we opposed this in addition to the new direction Superintendent Ca$$iu$ Ca$h is headed.  He is making statements about removing the deed restriction so he can charge an entrance fee to all users in the Smokies.

photo courtesy Western Slope No fee Coalition

And hasn't this been the goal all along?  We know that good old Lamar and gang are behind this so we encourage you to send in your public comments opposing the frontcountry fee and additionally voicing your concern about any changes in the deed restriction to allow a malfeasant NPS collect more of your hard earned taxpayer money.  Here is a link to send in your comment.

The comment period has been extended until July 12 and allows for anonymous comments so the NPS can stuff the ballot box with their people to make it look as if there is support for increased camping fees.  https://parkplanning.nps.gov/projectHome.cfm?projectID=65450

Several of us have sent in get well cards.  Here is an example.  If you send in a get well card, forward a picture to us so we can share it on social media.

This is my card:


Here is the address for Supt. Cash:

Great Smoky Mountains National Park 
Attn: Proposal to Increase Fees 
107 Park Headquarters Road 
Gatlinburg, TN 37738