Gunter Fork was the Real Destination: 11/09-11/11 2012

I can't impress upon you gentle followers of Highlander activities, the beauty and splendor of this weekend.  However, due to varying obligations of a work nature, I am not going to be able to provide a detailed narrative. Bill and Mike did a great job picking this one.  It was new miles for all of us.   What we did was go to Walnut Bottoms Friday, then up Swallow Fork to Laurel Gap Saturday where we were met by more Highlanders, then back down and out Big Creek where I bummed a ride from Dave. (In the middle of the night Friday, Wesley and GD Jack came strolling in at 2 am) I've got a couple of highlight pics here at the top, one of which is the pair of mating river otters I captured photographically down Big Creek this afternoon.  More pics in that mess include mysterious "catlike" prints in the snow. Enjoy the montage  as much as we enjoyed this most delightful backpacking trip.  It was about 25 miles, give or take. The pic above is halfway down beautiful Gunter Fork Trail.    I can't thank Sally Dumplin enough for shuttling me back to Cosby and saving another climb up Low Gap today.  Thanks Dave!

Sorry for the grainy quality but you get the "drift".  I hopped over a big boulder and heard a very unusual sound.  Now I know why.